standard Nokia Releases Their Own Android Launcher; Z Launcher- But WHY?

b9df1c30639505fec1bd32a7ca9553f8Nokia, (the real Nokia, not Microsoft) have just released their very first Android Launcher/Skin called Z Launcher. The New launcher allows users to get everything they want ont heir homescreen based on their usage and what they do most; plus they can simply “scribble” a letter on the screen to launch an app.

Throughout the day, Z Launcher is learning how you use your phone and promoting your favorite apps so you can get to them faster.

Whether you’re texting a certain someone, trying not to search for apps in the car, or multi-tasking at the office, your screen changes based on your everyday life. The more you use it, the better it gets.

The fastest way to find any app on your phone in one second is by scribbling in the first letter – right on the home screen. It’s easy.

Its not exactly clear why Nokia have suddenly decided to release their own launcher for Android (it’s not even for Nokia X officially, just Android); but it might be a sign of where this once phone giant is heading; putting more work into experimental research and making cool things that are fun to use (Nokia bubbles anyone?).

Regarding Nokia working on Android software now, Brook Eaton, the lead product manager of Nokia’s emerging platforms says:

At the end of the day, we’re now able to explore new ways to get to market, which we didn’t have to first deliver in house,” Eaton says. “We’re unhandcuffed.”


You can join the limited beta and download Z launcher for your Android device from the link below:

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  • Douglas

    Nokia Bubbles sucked. Things should have been static on the screen, not moving around like a game. Great idea ruined by some people who wanted to make it “cool”.

  • Hemedans Nassor

    nokia is building ecosystem, now there is rumors nokia android camera is comming. by end of 2016 nokia will have strong ecosystem in many os and when they come back it will be asy for them to rule again