standard Possible Lumia 720 Successor Shows Up as RM-983, with a 5″ 720p Screen

Lumia 720 GoGThe Lumia 720 is fan favorite device in terms of design and performance, and it’s everything a mid range device should be; with a beautiful design, no compromise quality and moderate to good specs. Now it seems that Microsoft might be gearing up to launch its successor, as a new device showed up in the Adduplex stats under RM-983 (along with the variants 984 & 985); carrying a 5″ 720p screen and a new build of WP 8.1.

Since Nokia/Microsoft have moved onto using 1080p displays in their flagship and higher end devices, it’s safe to assume that this won’t be a new flagship device (and not the Mclaren we’ve heard so much about); instead we suspect this device will either fill in the successor slot for the Lumia 720 or possibly the 820 (although we understand that Nokia weren’t very keen on making an 820 successor as it was in awkward specs/price ratio that didn’t really fit in). Hopefully though the successor to the 720 (Lumia 730) will carry the same great design (with a refresh of course), as well as a 720p screen, as although the 720 had a gorgeous 480p screen that blew some of the HD screens out of the water, more is always better.

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  • BLUE_M3

    ohh its design…

  • chris rock

    I hope they don’t mess up the design this time like on the disappointing Icon.