standard How to Watch the World Cup on Your Windows Phone for Free

DSC05647With the World Cup intensifying, well into the final 16 you’ll want to watch every second of the action. Unfortunately you can’t always be around a TV with the game on, so you’ll naturally want to turn to the little computer in your pocket to help you out.

Thankfully Windows Phone has you covered with “Flash Sports” an app that allows you to stream every world cup game (and other sporting games) live on your mobile device via streams. The app doesn’t broadcast the matches themselves, but only provides links to watch them in the app (most World Cup games have about 30 live links with varying quality); some of them are quite decent and look borderline HD on your device, even on the 6″ 1080p screen of my Lumia 1520.

The links work anywhere in the world, so you’re limited by regional restrictions that you’d find in broadcasts such as the BBC or iTV, so don’t worry if your local TV station doesn’t usually broadcast the games.

The app is free to download and includes a full 7 day full access to trial, and you can grab it from the link below:

Flash SportsScan with Windows Phone


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  • Ziad Mohamed

    Thanks for the app, installing it right now :)

  • Is this even legal?

    • The app doesn’t officially host the games, they just provide links to them so they’re not liable for whatever is streamed (like the file streaming services that pirated movies are uploaded to). So it’s a bit of a grey area I guess.

  • Adirocks

    but after 7 days v r unable to watch fifa matches