standard Nokia Lumia 2520 Headed to T-Mobile

22520- gog

When the Lumia 2520 was announced at Nokia World last year, the availability in the US was through At&t and Verizon only, and since then we really haven’t heard much about it. Many assumed that the 2520 wasn’t doing all that well, since even Nokia themselves seemed to have stopped promoting it and talking about.

Now however it seems that T-Mobile want to get in on that sweet sweet Windows RT tablet action, as according to @evleaks the carrier will be picking up the Lumia 2520 soon as seen in the document below.
2520tmoAnyone on T-mobile still interested in the Lumia 2520? Personally I’m looking forward to grabbing a Surface pro 3.



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  • Grazy

    saw one of these in Sainsburys supermarket in the UK the other day! the exclusive deal with John Lewis must be up! also Sainsbuys had the 1020 and it was their “recommended” phone!! shame they had it running WP8 and not 8.1… :)

  • ceegii63

    1520 please