standard Lumia 830 Render Leaks, With “Nokia by Microsoft” Branding and 13 Mp Camera


Earlier this week we caught a glimpse of a yet unannounced and unseen Lumia, that many have agreed is the possible successor to the Lumia 820, most probably called the Lumia 830. Now a clearer render has surfaced showing off the same body design and camera circle, as well as a few more details including the new rumored “Nokia by Microsoft” branding and a 13 Mpx shooter on the back.

In the clearer render the device more closely resembles a mix between the Lumia 925 (given the rounded metal frame on the side) along with the Lumia Icon/930 (same speaker grill and square shape).

*note the black circle appears to be decorative more than a raised camera hump, so it’s not likely to contain any insane optical powers in it.

What do you guys think, any good?

Thanks for the tip Alvester and Lawrence.


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  • Kickstar

    Typically terrible and long winded by MS.

    Just ‘Nokia’..or ‘Lumia’. No one needs to know or care that it’s by Microsoft, if anything, that’s a negative for a lot of people.

    • Tony Anderson

      They may legally have to say ‘By Microsoft’.

      • Avatar Roku

        Also eventually they have to transition away from the Nokia name and move to just Lumia or Microsoft. They don’t own the Nokia name (it’s a different company) and they won’t have the rights to use it forever. Nokia (big font) by Microsoft (small font) seems like a possible first step in transitioning the brand over the next decade.

        • True, I was personally hoping to see them fit Lumia in there somehow, perhaps Lumia by Microsoft on the back, and the Nokia logo on the front.

  • chris rock

    Well is not that bad is it Ali?, Nokia brand will live through this designation, Microsoft was clever, Nokia is more than just a name.

    On the topic of the device, I hope they include iconic colors from the past this time around (aka Cyan and Magenta), the camera circle looks neat, hopefully it is made of zirconium again, zirconium proved to be an amazing choice for the 920, zero scratches on my 1 yo 920.

    • Personally I like it, the name lives on as you said. And I personally believe that they will continue to produce high quality devices with little to no change in terms of quality and focus points.

  • viipottaja

    Another fake, triggered by evleak’s probably false rumors.