standard Images: Limited Availbility Lumia 930 Flip Folio Case

image_new (2)Although many of us are still waiting on our chance to buy the Lumia 930, others have already gotten their hands on it, along with a limited edition Flip folio case that comes with it. Except you can’t even buy the case out right, you can only get it from specific sales points (which haven’t been detailed).

The case looks really nice matching  the color of the actual phone, and appears to be some sort of plasticized rubber (like the Lumia 1520’s case). Unfortunately though as is usual with this kind of material, and colors, it’ll pick up dirt quite fast and lose its color; but I think they look great (orange one please!!)

image_new image_new (1)image_new (3)

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  • Adi Bungau

    Notice de round hole on the back… that doesnțt quite match the camera/flash layout of the Lumia 930… then go back to the leaked Lumia 830 images… I can bet this will be the next Lumia design Language… and that the Lumia 830 sport the same size or build dimensions of the Lumia 930