standard Microsoft Holding “Nokia Con” Event in Japan to Help Boost Popularity

cHJlc3NfY29uZmVyZW5jZV9lbG9w-1500x1000Apparently Nokia and Windows Phone as a whole aren’t doing well in the tech-crazed nation in Japan, in fact they’re practically non-existent there (which actually surprised me). However Microsoft are attempting to flip the switch by creating an event called “Nokia Con” (short for convention obviously) on the 27th of July, where they’ll be showcasing some Nokia devices and allowing interested fans to get some hands on time with the devices.

However the event actually appears to be quite a small affair, as only 60 sets have been allocated (free btw), all of which have already been booked. Will this work in helping boosting Nokia and Windows Phone’s popularity in Japan? Who knows, but it certainly is an interesting strategy.

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