standard Microsoft Reportedly Working on an Android Nokia “Lumia”

Android Lumia
Although Microsoft Mobile/Nokia already have an “Android” device in the X lineup, @evleaks reports that Microsoft are now working on an Android Lumia, that will carry the Nokia by Microsoft branding.

What’s interesting in the wording of the rumor is the usage of the word “Lumia”, meaning that this is in fact a full featured smart phone, and not another stop gap device like the X series. Why on earth would Microsoft dilute the Lumia name which has become synonymous with Windows Phone? Why do they need an Android device after the rumor that the Nokia acquisition was sealed because Nokia were considering an Android? So many unanswered questions, but for now all we have are questions; so if you have a plausible explanation (or an insane one) leave it below.

Source, Thanks for the tip Lawrence


  • flotron

    A big WTF. But this is what i love about Nokia, they always surprise me

  • Mahesh Murali

    probably a test device , like the rumored one they had in lab earlier

  • Anthony Ofalla

    Hmmm i think this a dual boot 😛

  • viipottaja

    Haha, evleaks is being ficked around with by some doopsters. Serves him right too.