standard Twitter for Windows Phone Updated; Brings Multiple Photo Uploads, Tagging Friends and more

DSC05663Ir’s been a while since the official Twitter app for Windows Phone has received an update, longer still since that update added any significant features. The latest update brings a lot of new features, bringing the WP client on par with iOS and Android versions; and even surpassing the features that we saw in the Twitter Beta along side the WP 8.1 launch that was never publicly updated.

The changelog for this version includes:

  • Tag your friends in a photo to start a conversation.
  • Capture the moment by uploading multiple photos to a single Tweet.
  • Tweets with Twitter photos, Vine videos and other select content now show a preview in your home timeline
  • You can reply, retweet, favorite or follow someone straight from a Tweet in your home timeline.
  • Share photos through Direct Messages.

*Currently I’m having trouble signing in with the app, anyone else? Grab the update from the link below:

TwitterScan with Windows Phone


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  • Alei-Eldeen Mahammad

    Still can’t mute/unmute people..