standard Beautiful Lumia 830 Photo-Realistic Renders; Simply Breath-Taking


“Phone Designer” on Facebook is at it again, once again releasing some beautiful photo-realistic renders of what the recently leaked Lumia 830 would look like, based on the images. Simply put the renders look AMAZING, absolutely breathtaking giving the phone  very premium look. And if the real thing looks anything like this, then we might have another beauty pageant contestant on our hands.

The renders play off the circular 13 Mp camera on the back of the device, giving off a nice contrast look to the flash colors of green and red (surprisingly no orange); and the designer also decided to make the phone look especially thin, set at 8-8.5 MMs which definitely adds to the appeal of this device.

This concept based on the leak, which appeared one week ago.

The Lumia 830 could be one of the slimmest devices by Nokia. I expect 8-8.5mm. It is the successor of the Lumia 820.

The renders are absolutely gorgeous as we’ve gotten used to by Phone Designer, and you can check out some more images below, or view all 13 mockups at the link below:

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  • Avatar Roku

    No Lumia branding? Considering Microsoft owns the Lumia name and not the Nokia name, I would expect “Lumia” on the front instead of “Nokia.”

  • Kickstar

    Nokia make something that thin? I think not lol.

    Regardless, does look beautiful, and his choice of Green is a lot better than the one on the Icon/930.

  • Great n amazing

  • Karthik

    Lumia at the top of the table…