standard Fun Fact: Live Tiles Now Act as Progress Bars for Install when Restoring a Phone

BsCvFFBCIAEE_ooUnfortunately due to some issues I had with WiFi on WP 8.1 Developer Preview (where my Lumia 1520 absolutely refused to connect to my homes WiFi out of the blue- it literally disconnected then refused to connect again), and after trying the usual numerous reboots and soft resets I still couldn’t get it to work; thus I was forced to do a hard reset. Thankfully the new restore process on WP 8.1 is a bit more useful remembering pretty much all my settings including my Home Screen wallpaper and tile arrangements (although admittedly I couldn’t find any apps that utilized the new backup features, as I was forced to sign in/start over in all my apps or games).

However a pleasant surprise was the fact that the live tiles that you previously had pinned on the home screen before the hard reset will now act as progress bars for their own re-install. Notice the Whatsapp tile above which is 3/4th shaded, and the Messenger tile which is completely dark. As the install progresses the live tile runs with it, allowing you to tell when your app is ready to use at a glance.

Just a little feature that made my whole restore process a little more bearable, and a nice touch by Microsoft.

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  • Demitrius Harris

    Yeah, I thought that was amazing when I had to reset my wife’s and my 1520. Great addition by Microsoft.

  • Alvester

    I noticed that too when I reset my phone a month ago.