standard It’s the World Cup Final! Lumia Style!

10393740_10154352963090114_868585458905602386_nUnless you’ve been under a rock (or REALLY don’t care about soccer/football) you’ll know that today is the World Cup final between Germany and Argentina, surely an impressive match-up! Antoine over on twitter used the creative colors of his vast Lumia collection (and treasure tag) to simulate the flags of the World Cup final. Germany who blew out both Portugal and Brazil, two of the most favored teams for the cup, Vs. Argentina who pretty much coasted trough an easy group stage and knockouts, only struggling vs Netherlands.

On a side note Cortana’s prediction steak for the knock-out stages of the World cup  ended yesterday with Brazil’s loss to Netherlands 3-0; but she had a good run, and is still favoring Germany over Argentina for tonight’s match-up.

Who are you cheering for? USA USA USA!  (Oh wait we lost…) GERMANY!!!

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  • Nico

    Argentina of couse!!