standard Video: Cortana New Feature- “Do an Impression”


Cortana, the quirky personal assistant for Windows Phone just got a bit more personal, with a new feature called “Impressions”. You can call up Cortana on your phone and tell her “Do an Impression”; check out her responses below:

What of you think, cool new feature to make Cortana that much cooler.

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  • Joe

    I have had this feature for quite some time already

  • Jens Veraa


    • Plast0000

      My precioussssss

  • troyrig

    Yeah, Cortana has done this since day one.

    • @troyrig:disqus@astroXP:disqus Guess so, never noticed it before though; still pretty awesome.

  • wp guy

    Minion – despicable me
    Yoda – star wars
    Buzz light year – toy story
    Golem – lord of the rings
    She also say expecto patronum from harry potter.