standard Finland’s Minister of Finance Disappointed With Microsoft Over Layoffs

Nokia_02_verge_super_wideWhen Microsoft acquired Nokia’s devices and services division, they mentioned that they entered the agreement because they highly value Nokia’s knowledge, skills, experience and the team they have. However with yesterday’s announcement of nearly 13,000 previous Nokia employees jobs being cut, you can see why many find that a difficult pill to swallow. One of which is Finland’s minister of finance, who shared his distaste with Microsoft and the news of the layoffs with the following:

“This is, of course, Nokia and Microsoft trade. But when the deal was made, Microsoft announced its commitment to Finland in Finnish know-how. Now, it seems that all parts of this are not met. From this point of view, I presume that the company will build a bridge from job to job, with employees from now on. “

It’s sad to see these employees who helped build the company go, we wish them all the best and hope they land feet first; and maybe Nokia will be looking to re-acquire some of the talent they lost in the acquisition?



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