standard Video & Gallery: Nokia Lumia 630 Unboxing and First Impressions

Lumia 630 box

The Lumia 630 is the first Windows Phone device to officially launch with WP 8.1, bringing with it Cortana, Action Center and whole bunch of new amazing features, it’s also the first Dual Sim windows phone in the market; a feature that many users have been asking for. It is also the first Nokia Lumia device to go on sale after Microsoft took charge of the company, making it Microsoft’s first Windows Phone device as well. So let’s take a look at what comes in the box, and our quick first impressions:

The Lumia 630 comes with 512 MBs of internal RAM, 8 GBs of storage (expandable up to 128 GBs via Micro SD card) and a Snapdragon 400 1.2 GHz processor. The Lumia 630 does however do away with the hardware capacitive buttons, replacing them with on screen touch buttons to navigate across the device, as well as doing away with the hardware camera key and LED flash.

These omissions are of course part of what makes the Lumia 630 so affordable, without being a “cheap” phone in terms of build quality, but we’ll be sure to give you our full thoughts on how it performs once we’ve had a proper chance to play with it.

One thing worth noting however is the fact that the phone is actually quite slim, clocking in at only 9.2 mms, which definitely helps in the form factor part of the device (especially when compared to the Lumia 620 which was quite thick). So far the Lumia 630 seems like a pretty interesting and promising device; stay tuned for our full coverage. And as usual if there’s a specific feature or test you’d like to see, let us know down below.
Lumia 630 box back DSC05675 DSC05676 lumia 630 back DSC05682 DSC05684 lumia 630 onscreen keys DSC05690 DSC05691 DSC05693 lumia 630 dual sim indicator DSC05697 DSC05698 DSC05699 DSC05704 DSC05706 DSC05709 DSC05712 DSC05715lumia 630 dual simsDSC05722

  • Jackal

    Now if they packed the 620’s feature-set into this Handset it might be interesting.

    As it is it’s just a 520 in different clothing, with some crazy omissions in the specs.

  • mercury

    i bought the green one last week, my first Lumia and only cause it’s a dual sim, works well so far, no complaints.

    • Aishwar

      how the fone ?? should I buy 630 r 525 ??

      • mercury

        it all depends what you want from a phone,
        for me i want a dual sim and large screen, so i bought the 630,

        my needs are very simple from a phone, i don’t worry about apps or features, all i care about is being able to txt and make calls. large screen helps me to txt without wearing my glasses.

        but I’m sure both dual sim 630 or 530 will work fine in duel sim.

  • Aishwar

    sir which better Lumia 630 or 525 ??