standard Lumia 630 Camera Test (Images, Video & Audio); Surprisingly Impressive

DSC05737The Lumia 630 comes with a run of the mill 5 megapixel camera, without even a flash or a dedicated camera button; the video camera is also only capable of filming in 720p (no 1080p). However all that given the Lumia 630 is still a very capable phone with an impressive camera given all its shortcomings and its price bracket.

Starting with the video performance first, the Lumia 630 can capture a maximum quality of 720p at 30 fps, obviously it lacks OIS and all the bells and whistles of the higher end lumias, but it does capture 720 quite nicely, although footage does come out shaky to be fair. One impressive feature however is the audio recording, which was VERY impressing, sound recording was crisp clear with cancellation of background noise (wind, cars in the street etc); overall a very capable and impressive performance, check out a sample below:

On to the still images, the 5 Megapixel camera on the back of the phone can sound a little underwhelming, but it most definitely gets the job done; capturing lots of details, with accurate color reproductions and an impressive amount of detail. However the lack of flash on the phone is of course disappointing, and handicaps the phone occasionally; even more confusing is the presence of a “flash toggle” option in the camera UI, which had me trying to turn it on for a good fifteen seconds before remembering that the phone doesn’t even have a flash.

Another feature the Lumia 630 has dropped is the physical camera button, of course this might not sound like a big deal but for someone who’s used to firing up a camera with a single press of a button it was a bit disconcerting, of course given that the Lumia 630 runs on WP 8.1, you can always just place a shortcut to the camera from the action center, but a physical button is always nicer.

Check out some full resolution images below:

*note: The lumia 630 also lacks a front facing camera, so that explains the lack of selfies in the gallery below

WP_20140729_00_55_22_Pro WP_20140729_01_05_49_Pro WP_20140729_01_20_50_Pro WP_20140323_02_19_56_Pro WP_20140729_00_53_05_Pro WP_20140729_00_54_15_Pro WP_20140729_00_54_44_Pro


Overall the Lumia 630 doesn’t have a 41 or 20 megapixel camera, it has a simple 5 mp shooter, that has a simple hob; taking pictures. And it most certainly does that properly, even better than expected given the price range and capabilities; the lack  of 1080p isn’t a major issue for me, as I’d prefer the smoother and faster video processing than the dropped frames that would happen when recording 1080p on a low memory device, however I still would’ve liked a flash and dedicated camera button.


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  • Demitrius Harris

    Fantastic. I am thinking of buying a 635 with ATT. Ali, where did you get your 630 from?