standard Microsoft Preparing to Launch Selfie Focused Superman, and Higher End Tesla Very Soon


According to reports from the Verge, earlier this week Stephen Elop unveiled two new Lumia devices in an internal meeting for Microsoft Employees, and briefed them on the devices. The first of these devices is a phone we heard before under the name of “superman” which is a selfie focused phone, with a 5MP camera and a 4.7″ screen (it’s speculated that the Superman phone is the Lumia 730, but the Verge think it isn’t).


The second phone codenamed Tesla is an “affordable high-end phone” is the same device that was leaked earlier this month (photo-realistic render seen above), this phone was speculated to be the Lumia 830; but according to The Verge’s report today, this might actually be the Lumia 730.

Of course both these devices are set to launch with WP 8.1, and should be here quite soon, what do you guys think?

Thanks for the tip Alvester.



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  • Arsalananees

    To be honest I am a little disappointed that a Lumia 1020 successor won’t be coming out this year but from a business point of view Nokia focusing on lower end phones is better safer move.