standard Official Nokia Sites Begin Redirecting to Microsoft.Com

52cb75933de8189dda8c0dcd402b3202With Microsoft’s takeover of Nokia’s devices and services division, part of the deal was that Microsoft would have rights for the site as well as social sites for a year. It seems however that Microsoft are preparing to redirect their customers to their own site at (a dedicated page on for Nokia devices). This was pointed out to us by one of our Irish readers, who noticed that outgoing links from have begun forwarding to the Microsoft mobile site.

With Microsoft forgoing the Nokia branding on their sites, and begining to redirect traffic to their own site, this might be a hint at the future of the Nokia Lumia line as well as the branding. Perhaps Microsoft don’t plan on using the Nokia name at all, contrary to what @evleaks said regarding “Nokia by Microsoft”; we might expect Microsoft Lumia, or even Lumia by Microsoft.

What do you guys think? Have you spotted any other regional sites redirecting to Microsoft sites yet? Let us know down below.


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