standard Lenovo Rips Off Nokia Camera’s UI With the Vibe Z2

DSC05589Lenovo have a cool new phone called the Vibe Z2, a new 6″ phablet with a 2K screen and an impossibly thin body, which is pretty awesome. What isn’t awesome however is the new camera app in the phone which is a blatant rip-off of the Nokia camera app for Windows Phone devices. Nokia Camera’s “advanced Pro mode” is based on a pop out of little sliders for all the controls, from white balance, to ISO and even focus; which is exactly what the new Lenovo camera has as can be seen below.


Nokia Camera Advanced mode

You can see the Z2 and the stolen camera UI in action in the promo video below:

Via Reddit

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  • chris rock

    FUCK LENOVO!, thats a steal!, this was one of my fears about Microsoft making their own phones, Lenovo is perhaps, one of the most important partners of M$ in the PC market is stealing this and I believe that dominant position probably makes them untouchable. Shame Lenovo, shame…

  • Mockingjay06

    Ugliest promo video ever!

  • Marcus Christopher McFann

    this could be a licensing deal with MSFT, which now owns this UI. But seems fishy…