standard Microsoft Announces Nokia 130, $25 Basic Feature-Phone – Long Live Nokia!


A while back we heard that Microsoft was cancelling all non-Lumia products in the Nokia line-up in order to be able to better focus on their Windows Phone devices. However it seems that doesn’t apply to the fan-favorite basic device from Nokia, such as the Nokia 130 announced today.

The Nokia 130 is a basic feature phone (S30), boasting the music and video playback options on the go, the phone also has a dedicated LED for use as a flashlight, radio connectivity and the usual insane standby battery life (up to 36 days).


It’s nice to see that Microsoft are continuing to create lower end phones for the developing market, or phones for people who simply just want a phone that makes call (*gasp*), although the Asha and Nokia X lines are over, it’s nice to see that the first Nokia’s that we all grew to love are still alive and kicking.

Check out the official page for the Nokia 130 here:


Microsoft have not announced a release date for the Nokia 130, but is expected to be available “soon” and should be available for purchase in most of Asia and Africa.


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  • asd

    As much as I’d like to see the basic phone line continue, I think this will be, if not the last, then one of the last ones basic phones MM will make. The MS announcement was so recently that this was most likely already finished product at that point. They probably have already sold these to several retailers.

    Canceling a finished product has never before been a problem for Nokia (frankly I’m surprised that N9 made it to markets), but before they could claim to sell retailers a better version instead of the cancelled one. Here they can’t say that there would be a replacement in the same price range.

    The point of the current MS strategy for MM isn’t that clear to me. I get it that they want to focus on WP platform, and canceling the competing X line would make sense in that regard. Financially it might not make sense in short term if X phones sold well, but I guess they try to look forward and hope that WP can be sold to those who otherwise would have bought an X, therefor gaining marketshare in long term and eventually making more profit that way. This should be possible since at least technically WP can replace X in similar phones. Because of this it’s even weirder that they say they are cancelling also the lowest end, here they are not looking it long term. WP can’t replace S30, S40 and Asha in same category phones, not yet. WP will be in the <50$ market in few years and it should be easier to transition from current Nokia users to MM users if there is a controlled brand transition to keep the loyalty. MS is giving this opporunity away.

    I tried to find the numbers for basic phones to see if they still made profit. I didn't find them this fast, but last that I heard they weren't doing that bad. If basic phones made any profit it seems even weirder that MS would willingly discontinue the line that provides not only a transition possibility, but advertisment that's not only free but profitable. If basic phones don't make profit, they could still save money, get to a zero profit and keep phones on the market for few years by cutting development to a skeleton crew. Few engineers in Oulu and Beijing should be enough, and maybe add some cheap development from some chinese OEM to keep it cheap, but no. Either MS has bidden goodbye to the cheapest tier and its marketshare, or they will have to in few years use a lot of money to advertise in the market segments they are now just giving away.

    • All valid points, personally I considered the fact that this was a planned product in the pipeline; but
      A) I under-estimate the amount of planning needed for a feature phone, so I don’t think it would’ve been planned *that* long ago
      B) They had no problem cancelling Mclaren and carious other devices, which were most definitely being promised to carriers as well
      C) I don’t think retailers purchase feature phone before they’re announced, simply because they don’t need to do anything in preparation for them, simply buy stock when available and sell.

      All that said, the feature phone market isn’t going anywhere imho, the dumbphones may be shrinking but the smartphone and feature phone users are two VERY different people, so it would make sense for Microsoft to continue with the sales and products.

      • asd

        Those are good points too.

        You are probably right about a feature phone project needing less time to be designed compared to a smartphhone. That would make sense since there is less, if any, new tech to be tested and added, and improvements compared to the likes of Nokia 106, 107 and 108 seem to be really small and incremental. Still, I think it could have been a finished product, because most of the people working in Oulu had no idea about their jobs being cut before Nadella’s email _less than a month ago_ (which by my standards in not *that* long ago :). This would make me think that all their projects were going full steam until then. This phone was probably at least pretty much through testing at that point, presuming that availability “soon” means that they only have to make the phones. Even on higher level the decision about axing this segment couldn’t have been made before Nadella’s term as CEO, and his selection was announced just 6 months ago.

        About B, yes, but they probably have already the next superphone that they can promise x months from now, unlike with the soon ending basic phone line.

        C, I hadn’t thought about this, but makes sense. This would also make the B point meaningless when it somes to this model.

        Anyway, since Oulu will be axed completely and Nadella’s email said “… the vast majority of employees whose jobs will be eliminated will be notified over the next six months.”, I’d guess that the last new Nokia featurephone will be shipped within 18 or so months.

        The question if feature/dumbphones will be going anywhere as a segment would be something I could speculate on and talk about for hours, but I’ll save that to another day and another way too long comment :).