standard Lumia 830 Leaks in Live Pictures, Shows Incredibly Thin Design


Microsoft are more than likely to announce the Lumia 830 in the upcoming IFA event in Berlin in September, until then however the device continues to leak. THe latest series of pictures shows the same design that was leaked previously, including several side shots that show how truly thin the device is, in fact it can barely fit the width of the 3.5 MM headphone jack or Micro USB port, meaning it’s VERY thin. At a glance I’d say the phone might even taper down at the edges to close to 7 MMs, an impressive design feat.

It is worth mentioning that the device pictured appears to be a retail dummy, with a simulated screen (the sides appear to be made of plastic not metal) but that just might be the weird angle of the photos.

wpdang_lumia-830-1 WPDang_lumia-830-4 WPDang_Lumia-830-3What do you guys think of it? Impressive?




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  • Yehuda Lauer

    Ugh, USB at the top, why!?

  • Lee Butterley

    It’s not THAT thin, I think the image is just weirdly distorted. Look a the shape of the headphone socket.

    • JayMontano

      Looks similar to 930. Wish it wasn’t that plump.

  • ceegii63

    is it just be or are there capacitive buttons below the virtual buttons?

    • Oh wow, you’re right, no idea what’s going on there tbh; looks like a standard simulated screen from another device promo was ripped off onto the dummy body, not exactly sure what this means.

  • Jackal

    Ugh…not the charging port next to the headphone jack again. It better come with Wireless charging built-in.

    Only looks thin in the top pic because it looks like it’s stretched. No doubt it’ll be as chunky and heavy as most Nokia handsets.

    • Hemedans Nassor

      it will be thin, look at the earphone hole, that is normal 3.5mm jack and look at usb port, even pic is stretched by look at those ports we can tell how thin it is. my guess is abot 6mm thin

  • Accidental Visitor

    When MyNokiaBlog will work again?

    • JayMontano

      Today :) Thanks for checking back

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