standard Check Out Cortana Integration With Smart Covers On the HTC Dot Case

da3bc3d7ff4bc1bcb61328306f0da9adOne of the features of Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 was the support for interactive smart covers, meaning that the phone would detect a certain cover and change the way it works, enabling you to interact with your phone without flipping it open. Now with the newly released HTC One M8 for Windows we’ve gotten a look at exactly how these smart covers work for Windows Phone.

The Cortana integration comes with unique animation, including a larger Cortana ‘orb’ that looks better through the Dot View case. Cortana answers any question thrown at her, and she remains on screen until you open the cover to reveal the detailed results (alternatively, you can just hit the power button to turn Cortana back off).

Check it out in the video below:



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