standard Lumia 830 Leaks Again, Shows Off Microsoft Mobile Branding


Microsoft are more than likely to showcase the Lumia 830 at IFA come September 4th, however the leaks stop for no-one, as the Lumia 830 has leaked again in more live pics, this time coming from Brazil’s inspection agency (equivalent to the FCC).

The device looks pretty much exactly the same to previous leaks we’ve seen, however it does come carrying a Microsoft Mobile branding under the removable battery, a first for Nokia devices since the acquisition. Lumia_830_Microsoft_Mobile

Although no solid proof of the specs have leaked, it’s rumored that the device isn’t very “mid range” carrying a 720p or possibly 1080p screen along with possibly a snapdragon 801 processor (the latest available). The device also has an expandable memory slot, removable back/battery and dedicated camera shutter; giving it all the ingredients to make a winner.



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  • vmxr

    interesting you can only see Nokia brand on the front but nothing on the back