standard Lumia 930 and HTC M8 Take On Samsung’s Ice Bucket Challenge; and Make it Out Alive

def2de7dd4eccfb39fea082529852284Yesterday we posted that Samsung took advantage of the ALS ice bucket challenge to promote their waterproof Galaxy S5, which slightly backfired on them as people saw it as a cheap attempt to steal attention away from a real cause. That being said in the video Samsung challenged both HTC (M8) and Nokia (Lumia 930) to take the challenge, something a you-tube user did for themselves (unofficially), and surprisingly both devices made it out alive; check out the video below:

Of course neither device is certified as water/dust proof, so you’ll notice that the person in the video covered the headphone ports with his finger, that being said it’s impressive to see both devices pull through. Although the Lumia 930’s screen went a little haywire when it was wet, something that happens even when your fingers are damp (possibly due to the super-sensitive touch), but in the long run no harm done.


  • Full Time Psycho

    not covering the headphone port on the M* b/c its on the bottom not top :)
    there is nothing under where his finger is.

  • Iain Simpson

    and they dumped a whole lot more stuff on the M8 and 930 then Samsung did with their tiny trickle of water and a cube of ice.

    • Plus they apparently rigged the video, they spliced the scenes before and after dumping (clock changed time, and the battery dropped). So much for waterproof