standard Huawei Taking a Break From Windows Phone Devices, Says Tizen has “No Chance”


Huawei was one of the earlier Windows Phone OEMs to join the party, unfortunately though they haven’t had much luck with their devices (the W2 and W2), in fact according to Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu the Windows Phone division has done nothing but lose money. Due to that fact Huawei will be pressing pause on Windows Phone devices now, choosing to focus more on Android, where they seem to think they’ll have a better chance.

Speaking about alternate OSes Richard Yu also said that Tizen OS, Samsung’s home-made OS has “no chance to be successful”. Not exactly faith inspiring words for Samsung’s production team, but I don’t think many of us can be surprised, it does seem a bit too late to add a new OS into the game (Ubuntu, BB, Firefox even Jolla are all clamoring for 4th and 5th so it’s pretty crowded as is). 


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  • Lioneer

    Not surprising given their lack of success. And does ANYONE think Tizen has a chance really?