standard Lumia 830 Press Render Shows Up, Compares to Lumia 930

Lumia-930-Lumia-830_thumbAnother leak of the Lumia 830 showed up over the weekend, this time what claims to be a press render for the device, stacking it up against the Lumia 930. In the frontal view of both devices we can see the same screen simulated on both (with the colors tweaked to probably match the phone color). Although both devices seem to have the same 5″ screen, the Lumia 830 appears to be slightly taller, due to a larger bezel on the top of the phone.

Thankfully this clear render also shows off a physical camera button, along with physical capacitive navigation keys, which are very welcome. The design of the Lumia 830 appears to utilize the same metal ring around the frame, but with closer resemblance to the Lumia 925, in terms of the breaks in the metal ring for the antenna (lumia 930 has them in the center of the phone, while the 830 has them spaced out a bit more).



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  • Alvester

    Lumia 830 is rumored to have 4.5″ display which kind of makes this render inaccurate.

  • efektos

    Look like a fake…