standard Lumia 530 Unboxing + @Mixradio Swag Bag of Accessories


The kind folks over at Mix radio hooked us up with  a Lumia 530 to play with, as well as a bunch of accessories to give us the full experience, check out the video below to see everything we got and an unboxing of the Lumia 530:

Flickr set (high resolution):

The pack of goodies contained a pair of the extremely colorful and photogenic Coloud Bang portable speakers (that pack a nice chunk of base in them), as well as a treasure tag mini, the DC-50 Portable wireless charger, and an original hard shell flip case for the Lumia 530. The ultimate swag bag.

DSC05883 DSC05889 DSC05890 DSC05891 DSC05893 DSC05894 DSC05895 DSC05897 DSC05899 DSC05901 DSC05902 DSC05904 DSC05906 DSC05908 DSC05909 DSC05912 DSC05913 DSC05914 DSC05918 DSC05920 DSC05921 DSC05922 DSC05924 DSC05926

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