standard Lumia 830 Rumored to Carry 10 MP Camera, Snapdragon 800 and 720p screen

10498419_691358014246060_5812622990520942862_oAccording to WPDang, the upcoming Lumia 830 which is expected to be announced at IFA Berlin on September 4th will not be carrying the 20Mp as some people speculated. Instead it appears that it will be launching with a 10Mp camera, which is inline with what we heard as well, in fact it’s also the logical amount of megapixels given that it’s not a flagship device; and should it launch with a 20 MP camera there would be nothing to separate it from the Lumia 930 (except the screen).

Along with the 10 Megapixel camera, it’s rumored that the Lumia 830 will come with the Snapdragon 800 processor, not the newer 801 as some speculated; it’s also pegged to have a 720p screen further differentiating it from the Lumia 930. However similar to the Lumia 93 it will also carry a metal ring around the device, as we’ve seen in earlier leaks and renders.



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