standard Microsoft Planning on Bringing Camera Dedicated Successor to the 1020

1020 backMany were disappointed yesterday when a successor to the 1020 wasn’t announced, although we expected as much there was hope for a surprise announcement of a refresh of the phone perhaps. however that was not the case. The good news however is that Microsoft haven’t given up on Nokia’s camera centric focus, even after the take-over Jo Harlow confirms that they’re “absolutely” planning on bringing more phones like the 1020 with dedicated camera prowess’ to the market.

“Absolutely – we’re not end of the mission in camera technology, or in computational photography.

“We continue to invest in that area to bring the next greatest thing in high end imaging.”

Of course at yesterday’s event Microsoft unveiled the Lumia 830, which had the thinnest IOS module yet, bringing the Pureview imaging to smaller sizes and cheaper price-points. Now for the love of god Microsoft/Nokia, slap a 5MP front facing camera on all your phones please and thank you.




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  • Philippe

    yes ! A good news !

  • anonymous

    It is an OIS module, not an IOS Module. Please correct.

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