standard Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone Updated, Brings Bug Fixes, Message Forwarding and More


Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone was updated earlier today, bringing some new features, as well as some much needed bug fixes and stability improvements. The latest update brings the ability to forward messages and images to other contacts from within the chat, as well as the option to disable sending messages with the return key (useful for those long heartfelt messages).

The new app version 8.0 also brings some stability improvements, which so far seem to have fixed the issue with delayed messages as well as the problem with messages not sending until the app is rebooted, the full changelog is listed below:

  • Thanks for letting us know how we can make Messenger better. Based on your requests, we made it so that you can choose whether you tap to send a message or just use the enter button on the keyboard.
  • Now you can forward a message or photo to someone who isn’t in the conversation.
  • We also made big improvements to overall performance

Grab the latest update from the link below:

MessengerScan with Windows Phone

Since the messenger team seem quite good at seeing what the users want, perhaps we can get voice calling in the app soon?


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