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You might have heard of Bing Rewards, or perhaps seen an ad for it some-where on the internet. In case you haven’t Bing Rewards is a program by Microsoft that rewards you for searching with Bing, it’s literally that simple; you search, you earn. Points earned can be redeemed for some nice prizes such as free Amazon credit, OneDrive Storage, Xbox Live credit and more. All with no strings attached, well except for the fact that as usual with Microsoft this only works if you’re in the US or a handful of other countries.

Thankfully there are ways around these silly restrictions placed by Microsoft, and you can start earning and redeeming quickly.



Bing Rewards can be set up after signing into your Microsoft account on (or sign up directly HERE), after that Bing tracks every-time you search with their engine and reward you with points to be redeemed later. However if you’re currently located outside the US Bing Rewards is most probably not supported in your country, meaning you’re losing out on valuable search points, thankfully the solution is quite simple.

Before signing up be sure to have your location masked, or set inside the United States, this means you’ll need to use a proxy which can be annoying and slow you down. However there’s a really cool Google Chrome extension I use called “Hola Better Internet” which allows you to redirect only certain websites through proxies for different countries.

Grab Hola Better Internet for Chrome from here:


After installing Hola on Chrome, head back to the Bing rewards page, or the Bing homepage, and turn on the add-on; make sure to have it set as routing you through the US, as in the image below.

Once that’s set up Bing thinks you’re located in the US, and you can go ahead and start earning and redeeming those points.

*Note: If you get slow load speeds after activating the proxy, try running it through another server.

Unfortunately I haven’t yet figured out a way to get Bing Rewards to work on my Windows Phone outside the US, as Bing searches go through Cortana, which makes things difficult.


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Ali is a dental school graduate currently living in Amman, Jordan; born and raised in the US, a tech lover with a serious addiction to all things sweet. He is the co-founder of GeekOnGadgets, and a senior editor at our Sister site

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  • trnz

    thnx Ali……..

  • Suzy

    Thanks for sharing this useful info!

  • uzair

    Ali can you tell me how to bypass bing credit verification when redeem voucher?

  • uzair

    Ali can you tell me how to bypass bing reward verification when redeem voucher?

  • Sekel

    sadly, will it not work for me. I am norweagian and i still get the message that it is not availabe in my country :/

  • nerd

    yes i ama interested too

  • Kreger

    Listen mate, thats all well and good, the ‘Hack’ you gave works absolutely, i can verify that cos i’ve been using Hola long before it became fashionable,
    I had it on my browser and desktop literally days after it came out and was impressed with the sites i could now go to like South Parks website which was always geo-blocked, and even the simple things like using US Netflix as it offered a change up in content.
    So anyway, as an avid X-Box’r i do the X-Box rewards which sucks cos you need to do their chores for like years before you earn enough points for anything even nearly substantial, and i was always aware of Bing Rewards which is very easy to rack up points on, and as mentioned above redeemable against XBox live stuff.
    So i did it. Thing is, after all the hard work getting around the Geo Block on Bing Rewards, then doing needless mundane searches and other ‘Challenges’ to rack up the Bing points, whenever i had enough to redeem against say, Microsoft Points, XBox Live or even Amazon Vouchers or Online Discount codes for XBox goodies……
    Every single redeemable goodie is also locked down to being USA redeeemable, and this time there is no Hack !!
    But thanks for the info, i guess it was good intentioned and as you are in the US, you never thought of the problem of redeeming the points once we had managed to get on the Bing Rewards in the 1st place.
    So sucky, i really dont understand why Microsoft Geo Block the rewards system anyway, if UK cash is good enough for the XBox and XBox live system, and actually works out as being more expensive in the UK due to the exchange rate, why cant we be included in the rewards scheme, bit of discrimination going on thre it feels like !

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  • rezoloot

    CyberGhost vpn, it works perfectly, you get 2 hours of browsing from any country you want before you would need to click back on but seriously, who needs more than 10 minutes to do your bing points collecting, I have 100GB free because of this same thing, just keep your points up to date and you are giggling, you will not however be able to win the big prizes, they do an extensive check. but for the smaller prizes your A-ok

    • nathan

      Thats what i am using now (late reply) :)