standard How to Add the 2014 NFL Games Schedule to Your Windows Phone Calendar


Football season is upon us, and it’s been an exciting two weeks so far; and as the season heats up it’s a good idea to keep all the games on your phone to stay updated with the latest games and scores.

To import the full NFL season calendar onto your Windows Phone (including times, venues, and scores after the match is over) follow the steps below:

  1. Head to on your computer, and sign in with the Microsoft account you use on your Windows Phone
  2. In the upper left corner hit “import”
  3. On the left pane select “subscribe”
  4. Paste the following link into the “Calendar URL” spot:


  5. Name the calendar, why not”NFL Schedule 2014″
  6. Hit save

That’s all there is to it, if the calendar doesn’t show up immediately on your phone, give it some time; or head to the settings and refresh the Microsoft Account in the people hub.

Who are you rooting for? GO BEARS!

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