standard GIVEAWAY: MD-12 Wireless Speakers + DC-50 Portable Wireless Charger Bundle (Worth £80 )


Congratulations to “Paresh” on winning the Wireless Lumia Accessory bundle:

YES It’s time for our first ever giveaway here at GeekOnGadgets!

Thanks to a Microsoft promotion in the UK offering people who purchased the Lumia 930 a free wireless bundle when they purchase a Lumia 930 we should be getting the two devices mentioned above. However since we aren’t currently located in the UK, we figure why not give them away?

How to enter? Simply leave a comment below, anything works; a lyric of your favorite song, or perhaps just “I Love GeekonGadgets” anything you want, you can even write “Ali sucks” (but you probably won’t win). Obviously please use your real email address below, or else we won’t be able to contact you and we’ll be forced to choose another winner.

If the winner doesn’t reply to our email within 48 hours we’ll pick another winner.

The rules are simple:

  • Only one entry per person
  • No spamming the comment section
  • Entries end in three days (September 26th)
  • UK residents only (valid UK address required), SORRY REST OF THE WORLD!!!!! :(

That’s it.


To be eligible to enter, you must be a resident of the UK. The prize package includes

1- Accessories kit contains: White MD-12 and White DC-50.

*Should Microsoft cancel our entry for some reason we’re not held liable to replace the prize.

**Expected delivery should be within 28 days of contest ending.

Have fun!


  • Jonny Ware

    Well this is the first time on here, from MNB, shall have a look around. Looking forward to the results of this competition.

  • andycoydwilson

    I’m a Geek who loves Gadgets (esp Nokia) so where else would I come 😉

  • alkWALtor

    GoG MNB is the best!

  • Jason Aye

    GoG and MNB are very hurrah! 😀

  • Brian Lima

    I love GoG!

  • markfirst

    MNB and GoG best Nokia fan sites

  • Jebus

    I just found this site. I am ashamed.

  • Jean-Paul Phan

    I’m not from the UK, but I’m willing to pay the shipping if I win

  • Alvester

    Won’t be able to participate since I’m not from UK but best of luck to all the UK participants out there. May the best commentator win.

  • nikos Spyridopoulos

    Thanks very much, good luck!

  • Dharmesh

    Thanks GoG and Microsoft UK

  • Paresh

    Nice one GoG! Could do with blue and orange in my life!

    • CONGRATULATIONS! Our random number generator picked you, we’ve sent out an email please respond within 48 Hours :)

    • Alvester


  • Anson Joseph

    i didn’t even got a giveaway in my whole life since i was born

  • l33tuc

    Zoomia. Vroomia. Kaboomia. This is Lumia. 😛

  • Owen Fulton

    great site great prize

  • Pawlee

    Ali rules?

  • monkeyandweasel

    I am the currently seeker of a speaker, but you could truly il-lumia-nate my Friday heartrate by also dealing me up a charging plate …… mate.


  • Simon Lau

    My first time here and it’s great I must stress, choose me as a winner and as hard as it is I’ll be even more impressed!

  • AJE

    What a coincidence. This is the first time that your site has held a competition and it is also the first time that I have entered a competition on your site!
    Surely I must win!!

  • nav006

    Nokia forever

  • Navster

    Early birthday present for me I hope!

  • toph3r

    OH EM GEE! wireless life here I come!

  • chris

    GoG rules!

  • Kevin Lakin

    I am Nokia born and bred

  • Grazy

    I would like to see how good that speaker sounds so pick me :)

  • Lee Butterley

    Love a free prize draw!

  • Collin Webber

    Would be awesome to have this! good luck to everyone taking part!

  • Kevin


    Good luck y’all

  • I’m in :)

  • Siliconsub

    So happy to participate in a competition from the makers of MyNokiaBlog (you all got me temporarily into tech blogging and were my daily fix for Nokia technology). Keep up the great work, I will be an avid reader!

  • Lewis

    Pick me!

  • daleboyv1


  • Muerte

    Well, it would definitely be nice if this site would gain more visitors and more active commentors – Miss the good old MNB days :)

  • Jim


  • Raymond Longman-Geddes

    Thats DC-50 charger looks soo cool!

  • Will

    <3 :-)

  • DesRed

    Already got an MD-12 speaker and really enjoyed it’s sound quality. Not to mention cheaper than the JBL Micro Wireless speaker.

    As for the DC-50 Charger, I hope the Malaysian Nokia stores stock them, even if it is in small numbers. I’ll take a look at those stores in Kuala Lumpur if I happen to be there next time.

  • Iqbal

    Awesome giveaway!

  • LH

    I like free things (what’s the catch ?)

  • vistamike

    Sounds good to me, would be very nice to win it!!

  • Mapantz

    It’s great to see a giveaway like this, especially as im in the UK, as i don’t often come across many- they’re often for US residents.
    I might not comment that often but i come on here every day to check out the articles, reviews and any other material (especially pureview related) I’d be lost without these geeky tech sites! :)

  • Richard Francisco

    great website

  • Michael

    Feel free to choose me 😉

  • discobolo

    Well, I am an old mynokiablog fan and I hope to enjoy Gog also.

    Thankyou for this contest and keep rocking!

  • Vasiliy

    I would love to get that speaker. It would complete my Nokia accessory collection.

  • metalgrx

    I need a speaker!

  • Debbiea

    Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.