standard Microsoft Begins Update 1 for WP 8.1 Rollout to Lumia 930s

DSC05741Update 1 for Windows Phone was only made available via developer’s preview a a few months ago, but Microsoft have already begun delivering it to some Lumia 930’s out there. This update, brings some features such as folders on the lockscreen, as well as bringing Cortana to more regions (China, Canada and the UK), along with the usual performance enhancements.

If you’ve already enrolled in the developer preview program, you’ll need to un-enroll from the program (just head to the app and remove the check-mark), then check for updates again; after which it’ll begin to install automatically. Hopefully this will finally fix the purple screen tint issue, as well as the poor battery life.


After downloading the update, it appears to have fixed the purple tint issue;  where the screen gave a purple overcast in low brightness, which has thankfully been fixed now.

The full changelog of Update 1 for WIndows Phone 8.1 can be found below:

  • Improved stability & performance.
  • Imaging enhancements.
  • Enriched display performance.
  • Cortana support added for UK and China.
  • Start screen folders, customizable snooze for alarm clock and other usability improvements

Interesting in how live folders work? Check out our quick video walkthrough:


Via: WPC

  • Pawlee

    I’m confused… in the past Lumia’s wouldn’t get an update like this until the official “Nokia” update (ie in this case Denim). But am I to believe now that they will get Update 1 first, thus getting all the Microsoft parts (folders, cortana etc) and then down the line get the Denim parts as a separate update.

    Honestly that kind of makes more sense although it does mean putting two updates past the carriers maybe… Or does it? Because most of the extra Denim updates are simply updates to the Lumia (/Nokia) apps.

    Or… is this just an update to the developer preview? I’m not clear.

    • This is an update for NON dev. previews, you’re right in the way the roll-out was designed, but I think Denim is going to be delayed, hence pushing out Update one on it’s own.

      I’ve even heard rumors that most devices (save for the 730 and 830) will remain on “Nokia Cyan” by name, while getting the relevant Denim features in separate app updates like you mentioned, should be interesting to see what happens.

      • Pawlee

        Ahh thanks for helping clear that up.

        That makes a lot more sense in my opinion, and honestly it’s probably better for my situation as by the looks of things my 1020 won’t get any of the best Denim stuff so I’m not massively interested (which is a shame, but hey ho), but the folders, cortana etc from Update 1 does interest me.

        Hoping it’s pushed out to more devices soon.

  • Jef Delcroix

    If I already got the Dev Prev update, why should I unroll it and update it again? What’s the extra value of that?

    • Not sure how it works, but the update only showed for me after I removed my self from the developer preview program (just open the app and remove the check mark).

      • Jef Delcroix

        I know, but the Dev Prev works perfectly on my L930, so why undo the DevPrev and update to the official update. Got no extra value or features compared to DevPrev I think

        • As I mentioned, I was only able to find the update after opting out of the dev preview, and since this update fixed the purple tint issue (a major pain for me) and should help with battery life, I thought it was worth it.

          Also you can always re-enroll in the dev preview after updating, so I don’t see the harm. :)

  • “WP 8.1 Update 1 on Lumias”: you mean Lumia Denim, don’t you?

    • Nokia Rox

      yes i think it’s Denim……..because of it’s Lumia update,

      BUT looks like it’s a WP8.1 update 1 so it’s not Denim

    • No, Denim is provided by Nokia, giving changes such as “hey Cortana” 4K recording and more.

      This is a Microsoft update bringing general fixes and the live screen folders.