standard iPhone 6 Plus Too Thin For Its Own Good? Bending in Users Pockets #Bendgate

Sometimes you have to stop and wonder if Apple ever actually uses their phones before releasing them to the public, remember Antennagate? Where Apple famously told their millions of customers that they’re “holding it wrong” since reception would cut off if the antennas were covered. Now it seems Apple have messed up again, one of the major selling points of the iPhone 6 Plus (besides it being so big), is that it’s only 7.1 mms thin, pretty impressive. However it looks like it might be a little too thin, as multiple users are claiming that the aluminum body of the phone actually bends and distorts (permanently) out of shape when sitting in your pocket for too long.

Other reviewers have managed to bend the phone out of shape with their bare hands, not very “premium quality” anymore. I’m actually disappointed by this since I used to admire Apple’s attention to detail and their high quality phones, now it seems they rushed out the new iPhone without testing it properly (also the protruding camera lens is out of place).

A simple thing like a bending phone won’t deter the millions set on getting the new iPhone, but perhaps this will mark then end for the “thinnest phone” race, and we can concentrate on the important things again; like battery life and cool new features.


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  • Muerte

    Apple should by the phone torturing devices from Nokia err… Microsoft to increase the quality control :) Now that MS plans to get rid of even more ex-Nokia employees, I’m sure that there would be good talents available, for Apple to hire…

    N8 didn’t bend. Well, neither does 925…

    • Nokia Rox

      Durability is Nokia’s best friend……!!!

      • Guest

        True, but it depends on whether Apple or other OEMs are interested in sacrificing their phone’s slim proportions for durability. Outside of Sony, I don’t see them giving the latter the highest priority.

        • DesRed

          Please delete this comment. Replied to the wrong person. Thanks.

    • DesRed

      True, but it depends if Apple and the other OEMs are interested in improving their phone’s durability. As far as I can tell, most of them don’t give it a high priority, focusing mostly on making their phones as slim as possible, with the exception of Sony which does go as far as to make it waterproof.

      • Jedd Hidalgo

        Guys, remember Tonka trucks? Remember like you said, the good old 5100 “brick” phone from Nokia as we used to call it in Costa Rica…those were products build to last, for the consumer in mind, not the next big sale for the company. Now almost every product is made to last about a year while they come up with the next one. We made it better! nope, you just got rid of the bugs and complaints you got during the year from angry customers with lousy tested products! Just like fashion clothing we will start seeing new phones every six months and people will keep on buying “the last one” They all would have got a bitch-slap from Jobs if he were still around… Mercury’s post: “you are bending it wrong.” HAHAHA.

  • mercury

    You’re bending it wrong.

  • flotron

    Yes! Battery life should be the next revolution

  • l33tuc

    I know a few blogs were waiting for an official comment from Apple… Have you heard anything more on this? I simply cannot believe what apple get away with, or how the sheep blindly defend this sort of shoddy build quality. It is simply not acceptable. At ANY price point. Let alone when you have paid £700+!

    • So far Apple have not released an official statement, and even more ridiculous are the sites trying to defend it by saying “yes, anyphone breaks if you try bending it”.

  • grazy

    I spoke to a few friends with iphones and they are all annoyed that people have gone out of their way to bend the phone and make a point of it! I for one am not surprised!
    They should have made the frame more rigid and done some quality testing like Nokia has always done :)

    • john harris

      where’s nokia now???