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DSC05799The Lumia 930 is supposed to be a Lumia 1520 repackaged into a smaller phone, which means technically   it should have the same brilliant camera performance, and to save you guys the time; it kind of does. However it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, the front facing camera; an area where Nokia have always notoriously lacked behind is pretty bad. Check out my thoughts below:


First up in terms of video capture, the Lumia 930 shoots 1080p out of the main camera on the back, however with the upcoming Lumia Denim update it should be able to capture 4K videos at 24fps. In terms of quality it’s pretty much great for a phone camera, with little to n stuttering and nice clear colors, however I found that it sometimes had some difficulty finding a focus point, even in broad daylight. Check out the 1080p sample below:

The front facing camera is *ok* in terms of video capture, but is in no means “excellent” or “impressive”. It simply gets the job done, filming at 720p (maximum option for it) looks nice as long as you have some excellent light sources, but the moment you go indoors, even in a moderately lit room; you get grainy results. Afterall what can you expect from a 2 Mp sensor? It’s no Lumia 730 that’s for sure.
Check out the Lumia 930’s front facing camera video sample below:

Sound Recording:

One excellent feature worth mentioning in the Lumia 930 is the sound recording, the Lumia 930 has four directional microphones (two on the front, two on the back). These four microphones allow for some amazingly crisp and clear sound capture (as you can hear in both videos above), they also allow the Lumia 930 to record in Dolby 5.1 surround sound, which makes everything sound even better.


Front Facing Camera:

Unfortunately the front facing camera on the Lumia 930 is quite disappointing, images come out grainy more often than not. Even worse however is that occasionally (in low light) the images have a purplish overcast to them, making them even darker (and uglier).

The camera is so disappointing that anytime my friends and I would want to take a selfie (for snapchat purposes) Id’ ask to use their phones (usually an iphone), as it was much more reliable.

Check out a couple samples below:

*notice the purple tint in the second image below, even when taken in a relaticely well lit room.

WP_20140923_14_57_39_ProWP_20140907_19_34_09_ProWP_20140924_18_06_02_Pro (2)

Main camera:

In terms of image capture, the Lumia 930 is quite excellent, it has a 20 MP rear facing camera (the same lens found int he Lumia 1520), packed with all the awesome features such as OIS, Nokia camera and more.

My favorite aspect of the Lumia 930’s camera however is Living images, which captures a short second or so of motion before capturing the image, meaning when you run through your photo gallery your images come to life showing the story that happened a split second before capture.

Another point worth noting is that with the latest Nokia camera updates, it’s become a lot easier to focus on closeup objects, making taking detailed images a lot easier

Check out some sample images below:

WP_20140821_15_16_47_Pro WP_20140829_19_24_12_Pro WP_20140914_14_30_10_Pro WP_20140923_14_32_45_Pro WP_20140923_14_33_53_ProWhat do you guys think, pretty neat huh?

All in all, the Lumia 930 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to imaging and video capture out the main camera; but it does fall behind when it comes to the front facing camera; especially since Nokia are promoting the selfie trend with the Lumia 730. I’m hopeful that Nokia’s next flagship, whenever that might come will carry a front facing camera similar to that of the Lumia 730, instead of making users choose between the front or back camera.


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  • kiki

    hello, more images about White Lumia 830 with black back cover ? or video ? thanx

    • hi, that’s not a white Lumia 830, the “white” is actually just the silver Alumnium ring around the device. This is the standard Dark grey one.

      • kiki

        on picture i see white/green/orange lumia 830 – they have light silver aluminiam ring around the device, Black Lumia 830 have dark grey aluminum ring around the device, i can buy white lumia 830 and then buy black back cover , the picture of me that is exactly how I want it,