standard Video & Gallery: Lumia 735 Unboxing and First Impressions #ConnectsTrial


Earlier this month Microsoft announced both the Lumia 730/735 and the Lumia 830 at IFA Berlin, both these devices have already begun hitting stores; which is impressive given the previous delays Nokia faced between announcing products and hitting shops. The Lumia 730/735 is the successor to the wildly popular Lumia 720, a fan favorite (and personally one of my all time favorite Lumias), it carries on where the 720 left off, with a beautiful slim compact body, an impressive screen; and an appealing price tag.

Check out our video unboxing below, including some of our first thoughts and impressions on the phone size, design and dimensions:

I’m personally a big fan of the enhanced Lumia 730/735 design, the rounded sides (similar to the Lumia 920) make it feel very nice in the hand, all while still feeling thin and compact due to the relatively flat back as well as the top and bottom. Once again the &xx series has another killer design on their hands.

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  • Demitrius Harris

    It is amazing that the 735 has the 920 design yet with a removable back cover. I am glad that Connects is still supporting us. Keep up the great work Ali. Please install Asphalt 8 and other graphically intense games and let us know how they perform as the 735 should get the 1GB version instead of the reduced GFX quality of the 512MB version. That will really test the Adreno GPU and confirm or deny fears of gamin with the Snapdragon 400.
    I hope that Connects sends a trial my way one day.

  • chris rock

    Please compare it to the 920 if you still have you red one Ali

  • Zhi

    I agree, the 720 has a superb screen. My colleagues even asked me if it was full hd because it looked so good. Hopefully the 735 doesn’t disappoint

  • Who Cares

    WTF ? what happened to camera shutter button ? ohhhh Nooooo

  • Who Cares

    It’s called as SELFI phone,,but without camera shutter button ?