standard First Lumia 735/730 Selfie Samples #ConnectsTrial

DSC05986The main attraction of the Lumia 730 and the 735 is the front facing 5 MP camera, it’s the highest MP count front facing camera Nokia have ever put in a phone, and it’s also their only front facing camera of shooting at 1080p. I’ve hated the front facing camera’s Nokia have put in their Lumias since practically day one, Nokia have always prided themselves at their imaging prowess, but it seems they always neglected the secondary camera.

Now Nokia have flipped the script, embracing the selfies and realizing that it’s quite an important part of the phone, so without further ado here are a couple quick selfies I took with the Lumia 735.

Please ignore the facial expressions, as I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to do with my facial muscles in a selfie camera review….

First up the real test, an early morning selfie indoors; with sunlight coming in through the windows.


Outdoors selfie, with lots of sunlight (ignore the stray beard hairs)WP_20141001_14_45_12_ProSelfie of the sky, cause I got bored of making facial expressionsWP_20141001_14_45_20_ProAnother well lit outdoor selfie, very good quality, although the colors are a bit too warm.WP_20141001_14_48_03_ProAnd finally a late night indoor selfie, with only a fluorescent lights to illuminate it, for example the Lumia 930 would’ve struggled greatly in this scenario; throwing purplish tint over it. WP_20140930_18_42_53_ProThat’s pretty much it for now, just a quick selection of selfie samples, a full camera performance review should be up soon; including the video capture test from both cameras.





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  • Monika @mumonthebrink

    That’s a pretty decent camera in there! Need to work on those selfies though, Ali. 😉

    • I’m used to just sending ugly faces on snapchat… too much pressure

  • Asharon Baltazar

    Yeah, look lively, my man! You have the first Nokia Lumia unboxing on the web!

  • Janice Dsouza

    Very good camera quality!!

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  • Demitrius Harris

    Looks like we have the same facial hair setup going on lol! That is a great FFC indeed.

    • Another bearded brother? welcome to the club.

  • Xrzysiek

    what about a main camera and quality? is it better than on Lumia 720?

  • Thamala Ranasinghe

    secondary camera? does the quality of 6.7MP beat mainstream 8MP cameras around?

    • Thamala Ranasinghe