standard Microsoft Begins Private-Beta Testing of new Office for Windows & Windows Phone

434x434_Features_OfficeDuring Microsoft’s Windows 10 announcement, they briefly mentioned the upcoming update to the Office suite, that’s expected to launch sometime next year. However today Microsoft began sending out some invitations for beta testers to experience a pre-release of the new office; including some changes to the Windows Phone version.

This is excellent news for Windows Phone version, given that:

  • A- They haven’t forgotten about Windows Phone
  • B- Since the new beta is already in testing, it’s more than likely compatible with WP 8.1/Wp 8- so it’s another good omen that we’ll be getting the update

Although we haven’t heard what any of these changes will include, we can hope for a smoother and refined experience (perhaps with more text and PowerPoint editing options), what features would you like to see?

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