standard Microsoft Making More Money From Android than WP, Xbox and Skype Combined

bg_Microsoft_logo3-20120824073001907469-620x349Microsoft have a wide array of products in the market, from their mobile OS (and phones now that they’ve acquired Nokia), to their gaming consoles and Office products. However it seems the biggest moneymaker for them is still Android.

Yes, apparently Microsoft rakes in more money from Android patent royalties than it does selling its phones and consoles (as well as Skype income).

Last year alone Samsung paid Microsoft $1 Billion in royalties, meanwhile Microsoft’s net profit from Skype, Xbox and Windows Phone was only $848 million; not to mention the overall losses generated from Bing and MSN. Keep in mind that the $1,000,000,000 (Billion) figure is royalties generated from Samsung alone, add the rest of the Android OEMs to that mix, and you’ll start to understand exactly how much money Microsoft makes.

Maybe that’s why they’re not really trying all too hard with Windows Phone?



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  • mercury

    How embarrassing for Microsoft.
    Is it still giving WP free of license to get OEM interested?