standard Lumia 730/735 Camera Review #ConnectsTrial

DSC05993The main selling point of the Lumia 730/735 was quite clear from day one, it was like aimed at the selfie lovers; you might even call it the Lumia 1020’s equivalent for selfies. Nokia put their largest front facing camera ever in the device, packaging a 5 MP 1080p/Full HD capable camera on the front, pairing it with a 6.7 MP 1080p camera on the back (along with an LED flash).

The rear camera is pretty much the same module used in last years Lumia 720, and that’s ok since it preformed quite well for a mid range device; but what we’re really interested in is the front facing camera, so let’s get to it.

The Front Facing Camera:

The 5 MP camera on the Lumia 730/735 doesn’t look any different than any other front facing camera Nokia have used in their previous device. It doesn’t look noticeably bigger (like that of the HTC One M8), nor does it stick out like the camera bump on the Lumia 1020. Upon closer inspection the lens does seem to be slightly larger than the Lumia 930’s (which has the worst front facing camera I’ve used in a while). 

In terms of video, the Lumia 730/735 achieves another first, by being the first Nokia device to capture 1080p full HD videos from its front facing camera; a pretty impressive accomplishment. The quality of the videos themselves is actually very impressive, on par with rear facing camera; and possibly even better. Check out a sample below.


In terms of images, we previously posted a quick selfie gallery a few days ago, but here are a couple more sample shots. Overall the selfie camera is pretty impressive; and more than gets the job done.

Images are crisp and detailed (even when zoomed in), and the color reproduction is nice. However as is expected it still does struggle in low light scenarios, but it still does an acceptable job when the lighting is less than ideal. Another point worth mentioning is the wide angle lens, which allows you to get more people into the same shot, it makes group selfies a lot easier; and cuts down on the number of “who has the longest arm” competitions. As you can see below we fit 8 people and 2 cows into a single selfie thanks to the wide angle lens.


The Rear Camera:

The rear camera is a much less interesting topic to cover, since as mentioned it appears to be the same sensor of the Lumia 720’s re-purposed for the 730/735. That’s not a bad thing, but it does give users an idea of what to expect, the 6.7 MP sensor paired with a single LED flash, which isn’t the brightest or most powerful of flashes out there; but it does help light up your subjects in the dark.

In terms of video capture the rear camera also films in 1080p, however since the Lumia Camera update hasn’t been released yet, it still lacks the tap to focus while filming and other new features. Check out a video sample below:

The camera results themselves have nice colors to them, but occasionally lack details; zoomed out they look fine, but as someone who’s become accustomed to the Lumia 1520/930/1020 I’ve grown to expect to see more details when I zoom in. Of course it would be unrealistic to expect the same level of performance from this camera.

Check out some full resolution samples below:

WP_20141002_22_20_31_Pro WP_20141006_14_36_27_Pro WP_20141006_16_46_35_Pro WP_20141006_17_00_11_Pro WP_20141007_17_30_14_Pro WP_20141007_17_38_17_Pro WP_20141007_21_06_32_Pro

Audio Capture Quality:

You probably noticed in the videos above that there was a lot of wind interference in the audio capture of the Lumia 730/735 while filming. Although the Lumia 730/735 has the high fidelity capture HAAC mics in it, they didn’t seem to help much while filming; it is worth noting however that the day I filmed the video samples had above average wind speeds as well as dust storms (welcome to the middle east).  Besides that the audio recording is quite crisp and clear (when you can hear it over the wind) and doesn’t sound distorted or muffled.


The Lumia 720/735’s front facing camera is the answer to my constant prayers and nagging to Nokia to put a proper front facing camera in their phones (since the 920 came out). It’s the perfect selfie camera and since selfies aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, neither should this lens. In fact it would be outright stupid and idiotic of Nokia/Microsoft not to put this lens in their next flagship.

In terms of the rear facing camera; it more than gets the job done for a mid-range device, the images have a decent amount of detail to them and reproduce colors nicely, what more could you want?


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    Very good review of the cameras on the Lumia 735

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    HAAC mics are made to record high audio levels! They have nothing to do with noise cancelation! They cant do magic and “delete” the wind or any noise, thats not their job!!!

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