standard Zeiss Announces “VR ONE”, $99 Virtual Reality Headset

gsmarena_001Zeiss (formerly Carl Zeiss) best known for their camera lenses and healthy relationship with Nokia have just unveiled their very own virtual reality headset.

The VR ONE, is a $99 product compatible with only the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 6 (not plus) at the moment. The headset functions by sliding the phone into the “drawer” after which the headset helps emulate some 3D and virtual reality images into the display.

Upon launch there are only two Zeiss apps included for the headset, one to view 3D images; and a second for Google maps street view.

Two ZEISS Multimedia apps are included with your purchase which enable you to watch movies (2D and 3D), view photos and Google street view, and interact with Augmented Reality

Ziess have also mentioned that they’re accepting votes for your own recommendations for which smartphone should be supported next; and you can vote for your own device at the source link below.

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  • laurence

    It should be the Lumia 830 as its the latest from Nokia but also because of their relationship