standard The Lumia 735 & 730 Review; More than Just a Great Selfie Phone

DSC06050Since I got the Lumia 735 a couple weeks ago I’ve been using it as my daily phone day in, and day out. Not just because I’ve gained an unhealthy addiction to snapchat (and sending pictures of my face that aren’t hopelessly pixelated); but because I genuinely liked the phone.

The last time I felt this way about a phone that wasn’t a flagship device was towards the 735’s predecessor; the Lumia 720, and to me that means that Nokia and Microsoft have created a solid follow-up to a spectacular original product.

*For a comprehensive look at all the aspects of the Lumia 735 check out the video review, and see the relevant videos posted at the end of this article*

The Lumia 720 itself was a great product, but it never actually had a major selling feature going for it (besides design and price), now with the Lumia 730 & 735 Nokia fixed that by adding a spectacular 5 MP front facing camera. The camera takes some of the most detailed selfies I’ve ever seen, in fact they might be a bit too detailed for someone with skin as unhealthy as mine. The wide angle lens is also a wonder, getting everything around you in the shot without having to stretch your arm halfway across the room.

WP_20141011_07_44_32_ProPerformance wise the Lumia 730 & 735 are paired with a 1 GB Snapdragon 400 processor clocked at 1.2 Ghz, along with an Adreno 305 GPU; although they’re not the best the market has to offer, they’re certainly more than enough for these two devices. The phones run almost flawlessly on them, with few to little resuming screens and stutters; except for the occasional app that refused to play nice, but that was usually due to some poor coding skills by the developer.

DSC06017All in all, the simple answer to the question you’re probably asking yourself (and me):

Should I buy this phone?

Yes… yes you should. 

The Lumia 735 is *the* perfect midrange Windows Phone, it has little to zero compromises, an excellent price tag  (€219 for the 735, €199 for the 730), and brings the best front facing camera I’ve ever seen.

“But wait, what if I don’t care about selfies”? Doesn’t matter, you’d still be making a mistake if you didn’t seriously consider this phone amongst your options; and in case you are a “selfie addict” this is the phone for you (provided you don’t want to drop ~$600 on a flagship device).

*P.S. – Dear Nokia/Microsoft; for the love of god, please use the same front facing camera in all your upcoming high-end phones, Love Ali.

Lumia 735 Front Facing camera test: 

Lumia 735 Main Camera Test: 

Lumia 735 Gaming Test: 

Lumia 735 Performance test: 




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Ali is a dental school graduate currently living in Amman, Jordan; born and raised in the US, a tech lover with a serious addiction to all things sweet. He is the co-founder of GeekOnGadgets, and a senior editor at our Sister site

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  • D Harries

    Interested to know what you think of the screen size for 3 columns of tiles wide. Fine like it is, or better if it was larger at 5.5 or 6 inches?

    The small tile seems very small.

    • Since I’m using the Lumia 930 as my daily, it felt quite comfortable, didn’t even notice it until you pointed it out.

  • Who Cares

    Defineatly looks like great device to have…

  • jonnymoori

    Thanks for the review, did you try a call on loudspeaker ? was it loud enough ? I’ve read other reviewers who stated it was too low.

    • It was pretty average, difficult to hear in a crowd area; but in my usage like in a car in traffic it was fine.

      • jonnymoori

        thanks for the reply, can I ask with your 930 does it ever heat up ? the last 930 I held was getting quite hot indeed

        • The 930 heats up a bit, when doing some heavy gameplay or extended times of 4G usage, but It doesn’t get as hot as my 920 used to (also it’s improved since the update which helped fix the battery life).

          • jonnymoori

            Cheers, I know this will be hard to know but do you think WP is not as optimised for snapdragon 800 as opposed to the snapdragon 400 that is in the 735 ?
            I was wanting to get a 930 but it just ran so damm hot when running a demo – I mean too hot to comfortably hold. Maybe just a bad FW.

  • Toomas

    Does it (of in fact, any WP device you know) have a notification LED or some other feature giving notice of missed calls or SMS’s without waking up the screen?

    • Nope, the Lumia 735 doesn’t have the Nokia glance screen that substitutes as a workaround for a notification light. But other devices such as the 1520, 830 etc have glance screens high gives notification info while the screen is locked.

  • Potato

    I love this phone but the omission of ‘Glance screen’ and ‘shutter key’ is a deal breaker for me. They should’ve either added notification light or kept the ‘Glance screen’.

    But anyone who do not care about this little feature should definitely go for this.

    Its a great phone overall.

  • Tobi

    Nice article about a great device, thank you Ali :)

    After years of Android, I’m using the 735 again (had this once & the prices are very low), even if everything is outdated today.
    Great, stylish & reliable phone with durable hardware except the doomed software these days.
    But still a great tool after all, when you’re full up from all the blinky new 50:9 stuff and want to go to the basics with some phoning and browsing.
    But the speaker, eww, I prefer using headphones with this phone.

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