standard TrueCaller for Windows Phone Updated; Brings Real Time Caller ID

truecaller-android-appTruecaller, the popular caller ID service to unmask unknown numbers has been around on Windows Phone for a while. However it was pretty much useless since it didn’t give you real-time phone number lookups, like it does on Android. Now that’s changed thanks to an exclusive partnership between Microsoft and Truecaller, which gave the app access to previously restricted APIs which are essential to run a caller ID checkup and display that information on the call screen.

*Note- the app requires 3G or better (or WiFi) to do a look-up, and won’t work on edge; also it appears to require installing on the phone memory, not an SD card.

The app is available for free on Windows Phone, and can be downloaded from the link below:

TruecallerScan with Windows Phone


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