standard Lumia 735 Coming to Verizon, but Not Until 2015

DSC06021The Lumia 735 is one of our favorite new Lumias, with a 5 MP front facing camera, and a superb 720p screen it’s all a mid-range phone could need. Good news for anyone in the US that really wants one of these babies, according to sources at WPC; the Lumia 735 with LTE will be landing on Verizon, but not until 2015.

This is slightly disappointing news, especially since the Lumia Icon has been retired from Verizon’s offering of Windows Phones. Meaning that if you want a solid Windows Phone Lumia on Verizon you might have to wait till after the holiday rush.

In the meantime however, check out our full review of the Lumia 735 in case you’ve missed it:

Source: WPC



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  • Lawrence J. Braganza

    Hi, Ali i have both 730 and 630 and to my surprise i found out the “game: cars as fast as lightning” plays slightly sluggish in my 730 but plays smoothly in my 630, why is it so, i hope 730 really has 1 gb ram.