standard OnePlus States They Have No Plans for Windows Phone

One-Plus-OneAfter rumors surfaced earlier this week, that OnePlus, the company behind the OnePLus One Android phone; were in talks with Microsoft to consider a Windows Phone version of the device. However OnePlus went on record to Technobuffalo stating that they had no plans for a Windows Phone device at the current time, and that those comments were mis-understood

the company is not currently planning to release any sort of smartphone running Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

“We have no plans to make a Windows phone,” OnePlus told TechnoBuffalo in a statement Wednesday morning. “Carl was speaking to the fact that we want to offer as much choice as possible to our users and pointed to an example of once speaking with Microsoft about potentially having Windows as a choice to install on the One.”

Sorry guys, seems we’re going to have to *settle* for WP devices that aren’t form OnePlus

Source: Technobuffalo


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    OnePlus One equals two :p