standard Skype for Windows Phone Update Brings Drawing Feature, High Res Support and More

ea7f1c72-d565-4bdb-9a58-1d46fc67a396Although the Skype team have usually lagged behind on delivering updates to Windows Phone (Vs. iOS, Android and sometimes even Blackberry); this time they’ve debuted a feature on Windows Phone first. The latest update for Skype on WP brings the ability to send drawings, or draw on images to share more personalized images with your friends.

Other features included in this update is support for HD screens, (Lumia 1520 and 930 users rejoice; as some UI elements were painful to look at on those 1080p screens), as well as improved background resuming and launching. The full change-log can be found below

  • Share your drawings, add a personal touch to photos or annotate maps.
  • Skype now gets back up and running quicker.
  •  Instant sign in with your Microsoft account or the flexibility to use your Skype Name.
  •  Got HD screen resolution? Skype will now show in all its glory.
  •  Start Skype calls the easy way from the web and from chats, with third-party app access to Skype.

Grab the update from the link below:

SkypeScan with Windows Phone