standard Windows Phone Updates: Xbox Video, Microsoft Games (Minesweeper, Solitaire, Mahjong), NFL Fantasy Football and More

Store UpdateToday a number of new updates are available for popular Windows Phone apps, most of these are poplar games provided by Microsoft, such as their classic suite of solitaire, Mahjong and minesweeper; along with Age of Empires Castle Siege.


First up is the popular Age of Empires Castle Siege, which brings a number of new bug fixes and improvements to the app, including some changes to the games engine for rewarding crowns and other tune-ups.

– Made improvements to dropped connections during battle. This is an area that we are constantly monitoring and improving.
– Fixed a crash caused on some devices by deploying many infantry at once at the opening of battle.
– Fixed a crash during transitions in matchmaking.
– Fixed a crash involving soldiers leaving siege towers.
– Fixed other miscellaneous crashes.

– We’ve modified the way we award crowns for players in Ages 5-8.
– Wall troops have undergone a strict training regimen against the wiles of the Wololo. As a result, Joan of Arc’s Convert ability no longer affects troops on walls.
– Keeps have bolstered their defenses against mounted troops.
– Winrich von Kniprode has found a flaw in these new defenses and now has a damage boost against all Keeps.
– Richard the Lionheart no longer feels it is an efficient use of his skills to boost mounted troops and will now only boost infantry as per his description.
– Fixed various path finding bugs.

– Players will no longer gain achievements from visiting another player’s castle.
– Phone notifications improvements.

Age of Empires®: Castle SiegeScan with Windows Phone

Next up is the official Microsoft Xbox Video app, which brings some more improvements to video playback on Windows Phone, including the ability to seek (rewind/forward) in videos that are being downloaded/streamed. Grab the update from the link below:

VideoScan with Windows Phone


Another app update that’s sure to please fantasy football players out there is the official NFL Fantasy Football app, which has received a long overdue update fixing its performance and adding push notifications to the app. Check it out at the link below:

Push notifications! Get relevant scoring, trade and player alerts pushed to you.
– Usability and UI tweaks to optimize your Windows Phone experience

NFL Fantasy FootballScan with Windows Phone

Also coming from Microsoft are updates to all three of their  classic apps in the store, Solitaire, Mahjong and Minesweeper:

Microsoft MahjongScan with Windows Phone

Microsoft Solitaire CollectionScan with Windows Phone

Microsoft MinesweeperScan with Windows Phone


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