standard Introducing Microsoft Lumia Devices, With Microsoft Branding


Earlier this week, we announced that Nokia would begin rebranding to Microsoft Lumia for future devices. Today the official conversations blog revealed the news, along with the new branding for phones, which will carry the Microsoft brand and Logo. greenimage3Of course this rebranding doesn’t change much for current NOKIA Lumia owners, especially since the most recent WP 8.1 devices (lumia 930, 830, 730, 630 and 530) have all been released under Microsoft’s ownership. In response to questions about what happens to current Lumia owners:

Conversations: But does this mean Nokia Lumia smartphones that are currently in the market are obsolete?

Tuula: Of course not! Microsoft continues to sell and support the Nokia Lumia phones that are out in the market, such as the recently announced Lumia 830 and Lumia 730/735. As I said, the Lumia promise that you’ve come to experience and love will remain. We will continue to honor customer warranties and provide world-class care services as before.

So short of a name change, that we’re all sad to see go; most things will stay the same.

Source: Nokia Conversations


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  • RDF2


  • They should have just stuck with LUMIA, and had Microsoft somewhere subtle, like on XBOX. I doubt *every* XBOX owner realises their gaming console is a Microsoft product, which is probably why they sell so well. Sticking the word “Microsoft” front-and-centre I think is a bad, ill-thought move. This simply won’t help sales pick up. What a stupid decision by Microsoft execs.

    • vmxr

      ill move because they want to use their brand like everyone else does ? what kind of logic is this :/

  • D Harries

    The B*strds!

    Though it is curious I say that when Nokia ballsed up their own company

  • viktor von d.

    stupid,very stupid. when i think of Microsoft i think at a rigit company, not a fun product company, something for business. they should have only put lumia on the back and nothing in the front cause you already have the windows logo at the bottom’s enough company branding. on top of that the microsoft name doesn’t even look good on the device with capital m and then normal small letters, it’s not simetric. on top of that another big squares logo next to the name. it’s too busy, in contrast with the elegance of nokia designs with the past logo. it’s like they want to fail

  • vmxr

    great i like it a lot