standard Microsoft Band Unveiled, A Fitness “Smartwatch” with a 2 Day Battery- $199


Microsoft just unveiled their much rumored and highly anticipated smartwatch which functions primarily as a fitness band. The fitness band is called “Microsoft Band” and goes on sale starting tomorrow for $199. The Microsoft Band is a “wristband” not a smartwatch, in terms that Microsoft have kept things simple by only implementing a few simple apps besides the integral health sensors into it, to avoid overloading the users.

Most importantly for Microsoft, and consumers, is the fact that the band integrates with WP, iOS and Android; so you can enjoy it no matter what your OS of preference is.

The band can do the simple functions of a smartwatch, such as show you your calls, texts, notifications, alarms and more; as well as supporting some fitness related apps such as RunKeeper, Gold’s Gym, MyFitnesspal, and even Starbucks.

The Band itself is simple, with a small, wide rectangular screen that shows the time by default, and then scrolls through “tiles” that show your step count, information from your run this morning, and more. It’ll also display notifications from your phone, though those are fairly basic for now. Cortana integration (when paired to a Windows Phone) means you can quickly ask for the weather or send a text. But it’s all pretty basic. “We’re really conscious about not over-buzzing people on the wrist,” Mehdi says. “We’re trying to make the tech disappear.”


The band is designed to be worn on your right hand (opposite to your watch- not replacing it), making it an additional accessory; which is alright by me as long as it gets the job done. The Microsoft Band has a 2 day battery life, and goes on sale tomorrow for $199, anyone interested?

Source: TheVerge

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  • mercury

    Seems like a smart and safe way for MS to re-enter the wearables market.